What is Linux and why you should learn it? Free resource included!

What is Linux and why you should learn it? Free resource included!

What is Linux?

Much the same as Windows, iOS, and Mac OS, Linux is an operating system. Indeed, one of the most well known on earth, Android, is controlled by the Linux operating system. An operating system is software that deals with the entirety of the hardware assets related with your laptop or PC. To lay it out plainly, the operating system deals with the correspondence between your software and your hardware. Without the operating system (OS), the software wouldn't work.

In contrast to Windows and MacOS, anybody can learn and begin with Linux for free and read the source code to comprehend what's happening in the engine.

The open source nature of Linux has lead to an immense measure of data and assets accessible to any individual who needs to learn! and it's free as well?

Look at the Linux Github repo and join the 70,000+ users who have starred it!

Why should you learn Linux?

It's everywhere

From server and cell phones to shrewd gadgets and games supports, Linux asserts a tremendous portion of the worldwide working framework market.

In the consumer market, cell phones running Android and PCs running Chrome OS (Both dependent on Linux) have demonstrated to be an enormous worldwide achievement, with Android asserting an incredible 88% market portion of cell phones as of Q2 2018 and Chrome OS picking up in ubiquity; both with no indication of hindering any time soon.

Albeit gradually picking up foothold, we're yet to see the significant appropriation of Linux on the shopper work area, anyway it's an alternate story with regards to webservers, with Linux having a gigantic market portion of the worker market and propping up a portion of the universes most impressive organizations, administrations and innovations.

This reason alone is a good enough reason to level up your Linux knowledge!


Open source and free programming will in general be driven by networks of enthusiastic and profoundly gifted people and Linux is likely the most famous of all!

You'll seldom be shy of a clarification or answer and you'll discover flourishing networks all over the web and in the tissue, prepared and ready to share data and assist you with tackling your concern or show you something new.

Check out the link below to a list of great Linux communities.


From web development and infosec to associated gadgets and dev operations, information on Linux assumes a significant function in helping you land an occupation with a business that utilizes Linux in their innovation stack.

Numerous organizations are searching for people with in any event an essential information and comprehension of Linux because of it assuming such a vital part in their items, administrations, framework or a mix of all.

One of the significant advantages of Linux is that it's so very much incorporated with the most steady and solid advancements, however the best in class as well, for example, Docker and Kubernetes.

Useful resources:

I have personally used these resources to get my Linux skills and I found them really helpful. Below are the resources which helped me:

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