How I Passed LPI Linux Essentials Certification

How I Passed LPI Linux Essentials Certification

Learn how I prepared and passed the LPI Linux Essentials Certification 010-160.


In this blog post, I will share my experience and the resources I used to successfully pass the Linux Essentials certification. This certification is a fundamental level exam that provides a solid foundation in Linux. Whether you're new to Linux or pursuing a career in cloud security or cybersecurity, this certification can be highly beneficial. I will discuss the preparation process, the resources I utilized, and my overall exam experience.

Exam Objective

Here is the official Exam Objective for Linux Essentials:

  1. The Linux Community and a Career in Open Source

  2. Finding Your Way on a Linux System

  3. The Power of the Command Line

  4. The Linux Operating System

  5. Security and File Permissions

Preparation and Background

I had been aiming to take the Linux Essentials certification exam since 2021. Although I prepared for the exam in 2022, I didn't sit for it until 2023. Having completed college courses on Linux fundamentals and advanced networking with Linux, I was already well-versed in Linux and the command line. Additionally, I had over three years of practical experience working with Linux daily, managing approximately 50 Linux servers in a cloud environment.

Resources Used

  1. Jason Dion's Linux Essentials Course: I highly recommend this course, available on Udemy and included in the LinkedIn Learning subscription. For North American users, LinkedIn Learning can be accessed for free through public library memberships.

  2. TryHackMe and Linux Journey: These platforms provide hands-on practice and a gamified learning experience. TryHackMe offers Linux fundamentals rooms, while Linux Journey provides an introduction to the command line and important Linux concepts.

  3. Practice Exams: Day, a recommended creator, suggests Jason Dion's practice exams for additional preparation. Although I personally didn't go through any practice exams, they can be beneficial for beginners to assess their knowledge before the actual exam.

Exam Experience

I chose to take the exam at a nearby test center instead of at home. Having moved to an apartment close to a Pearson VUE test center, I found it more convenient. The exam consisted of 40 questions, and I had 60 minutes to complete it. However, I finished the exam in around 25 minutes. The passing score for this exam is 500 out of 800, and I scored 650. The exam fee was USD 120.


Obtaining the LPI Linux Essentials certification has been a valuable achievement. Linux is an essential tool in various fields, particularly in cloud and cybersecurity. Whether you're starting your career journey or looking to enhance your skill set, this certification can provide a solid foundation. In the future, I may explore additional Linux certifications. Stay tuned for more blogs and videos on useful Linux commands, the file system, and other relevant topics. Thank you for reading, and I hope you found this post helpful.

Feel free to reach me at rishabk7 on Twitter or Rishab Kumar on LinkedIn.