How I passed the GitHub Foundations Certification Exam

How I passed the GitHub Foundations Certification Exam

GitHub now has certifications. They launched four certifications to endorse your GitHub skills:

  • GitHub Foundations

  • GitHub Actions

  • GitHub Advanced Security

  • GitHub Administration

You can find more details on all four here.

GitHub Foundations Exam

According to GitHub, with this certification you highlight your understanding of the foundational topics and concepts of collaborating, contributing, and working on GitHub. This exam covers collaboration, GitHub products, Git basics, and working within GitHub repositories.

There are 7 domains in the exam, the official study guide can be found here.

  • Domain 1: Introduction to Git and GitHub

  • Domain 2: Working with GitHub Repositories

  • Domain 3: Collaboration Features

  • Domain 4: Modern Development

  • Domain 5: Project Management

  • Domain 6: Privacy, Security, and Administration

  • Domain 7: Benefits of the GitHub Community

Registering for the exam

I came across this launch announcement by a tweet from Kedasha:

And immediately started looking at all the certifications that were offered. All of them are priced at $99 USD. As you can see in the tweet, for a limited time the GitHub Foundations Certification is on 50% discount, making the fee $49.50 USD.

So I decided to book my exam. You need to register an account on the certification site(you can use your existing GitHub account).

After registering, you can book the desired exam, it will ask for your personal info and take you to PSI, the test provider, where you will be able to choose if you want to take it Online or onsite at a test centre.

So, I booked my for 13th January, 2024, which was the very next day.


I used Microsoft Learning path "GitHub Foundations" for my preparation. It had 14 modules, out of which I was able to complete 12 of them.

One other thing I would like to point out, my previous knowledge and experience with GitHub did help a lot, to sit this exam within a day. I have been using GitHub for 4-5 years now and have been maintaining and contributing to open-source projects.

Exam experience

There were about 75 questions on the exam and you have 120 minutes to complete the exam.

I took around 63 minutes to answer all the 75 questions. And I passed!

You immediately see if you passed or failed after you end the exam, and receive a score report and credly badge few minutes after you submit and end your exam. I scored 75% on the exam, but there was no score mentioned on the score report.

Questions and topics that I found challenging were:

  • GitHub Administration and Security

  • GitHub Enterprise Server and GitHub Enterprise Cloud

There were questions about Enterprise offerings and what authentication methods are supported on each, which I don't have much experience in. So will definitely recommend going over these offerings.

Hope this helps you with your preparations and I wish you luck if you are sitting the exam soon. I am thinking of taking the GitHub Actions Certification next, will let you know if I do take and will share my experience. You can find me on X/Twitter @rishabincloud or on LinkedIn if you have any questions.