Dev Retro 2022 - The year I changed 2 jobs and left my dream company

Dev Retro 2022 - The year I changed 2 jobs and left my dream company

2022 year in reveiw, new beginnings, learnings and working in developer relations.

New Beginnings

Start of 2022 I finally left the company I had been working for since I started my tech career as Tech Support. It was hard to say farewell to the company where I had amazing teammates, peers and mentors who supported me throughout my journey from Tech Support to Cloud Engineer to DevOps Engineer.

I started working at Google as Technical Solutions Specialist in Jan 2022, and it was a dream for me to work for Google.

It was a hard decision for me to end my time at Google after 4 months, but it was better for my mental health! More on why I left Google:

After quitting Google, I was on a job search and was looking forward to entering the DevRel space. And after a few interviews at different companies, I joined Twilio as a Staff Developer Evangelist.

Check out my intro blog post on Twilio's blog.

Working in DevRel

Now that my new job started, working in DevRel had its own challenges.

The first one was speaking at large events, which I hadn't done until now. My first event was Collision in Toronto after 4 weeks of joining Twilio, where I presented about Twilio's SMS API in Python.

Me presenting at Collision, my first tech demo at in-person event

In total, I spoke at 5 different in-person events in the following cities:

  • Toronto, ON

  • Boston, MA

  • Manhattan, NY

  • Rock Hill, NY

Attending AWS re:Invent was on my list since 2018 and Twilio made it possible for me. I was able to attend the conference this year in vegas. Met so many amazing community members.

Learning and Teaching

This year I spent more time teaching than learning, which is the first time it has happened. Professionally mentored at 3 hackathons, provided 1-1 mentorship to various students and professionals as time permitted and also I think the biggest milestone for me this year was, teaching Cloud Computing at the college that I graduated from 4 years ago!

My student ID and Staff badge at the same college, student in 2018 and staff in 2022

Apart from this, also contributed to Learn to Cloud, which is a free open-source guide to help you get into the cloud. Talking about learn to cloud, I also did a cloud podcast with my friend Gwyn for Learn to Cloud.


As you can already tell this year I produced a good amount of content for the cloud and DevOps community. In total, I published 52 YouTube videos, 12 podcast episodes and 7 technical articles.

Hoping to keep this momentum and provide more value to the community!

All this hard work did pay off as some amazing people nominated me for the Canada Developer 30 under 30 award.

Me holding the Canada Developer 30 Under 30 award


I am looking forward to building some amazing connections in the community in 2023 and keep contributing.

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