The Cloud Resume API Challenge - Beginner Cloud Project

The Cloud Resume API Challenge - Beginner Cloud Project

Get hands-on with a beginner cloud project by building a Cloud Resume API in cloud provide of your choice: AWS, Azure or GCP.

A beginner cloud project - The Cloud Resume API

Want to impress potential employers and gain hands-on cloud experience at the same time? The Cloud Resume API Challenge is the perfect way to start! By building a cloud-based API for your resume, you'll showcase your cloud computing skills while creating something that has real-world value. And the best part – you don't need to be a cloud guru to get started.

Challenge Requirements:

  • NoSQL Database: These flexible databases, like DynamoDB (AWS), Firestore (GCP), and Cosmos DB (Azure), are a great fit for storing resume data.

  • Serverless Functions: This technology lets you run code without worrying about managing servers. It's the heart of your resume API!

  • CI/CD (GitHub Actions): This tool automates the process of updating your API. Every time you change your code, GitHub Actions will repackage and redeploy it for you.

Cloud Resume API Architecture

Step-by-Step Guide

Pick Your Cloud Playground: The Cloud Resume API Challenge supports AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Microsoft Azure. Pick a provider that you like best!

Design Your Data: Think about what information your resume API will include. Start with the basics like your name, contact details, experience, and skills. You can always expand later!

Store your Resume Data: Use the NoSQL Database within your selected cloud provider to store your resume data in JSON.

Time to Code: Your core component will be a serverless function. This function is responsible for fetching your resume data from the database and crafting a response for anyone who uses your API.

Deploy to Cloud: Deployment is the process that makes your API accessible over the internet.

Test Drive Your API: Once your API is deployed, you (or anyone else!) can send a request and see your resume displayed in a structured JSON format.

Tips for Beginners

  • Start Simple: Your initial API doesn't have to be fancy. Get the core functions working, then add features over time.

  • The Power of Community: Visit the Cloud Resume API website to see examples from others who have taken on this challenge. You're not alone!

Ready to build your Cloud Resume API? My YouTube video has the detailed steps of the challenge.

Share Your Success: Did you conquer the challenge? I'd love to hear about it! Share your work and any questions in the comments below. Let's get started on your cloud journey!