How to build a blog with Gatsby and AWS - Part 1

How to build a blog with Gatsby and AWS - Part 1


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You always wanted to start blogging and now you are looking to have your own site, well this guide will set you up with a minimal looking blog. Even though I love Hashnode and can't express my love for it, I will keep on using it for my personal blog, but it's still a good project and learning experience to create your own.

Goal โšฝ

Have a responsive personal blog site, with markdown support. We will be using Gatsby JS and host it on AWS with Amplify


2020-08-10 09_13_50-Window.png

Demo ๐Ÿ“‘

Here is the link to the project that we will end up with:

Dive in โš™

I always wanted to create some YouTube tutorial, and after giving it a long thought, I am sharing this guide as a video tutorial

Hope you guys like it and find it helpful. The second part of the series will be out early next week.

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