How I passed the Terraform Associate Certificate after failing on the first attempt

How I passed the Terraform Associate Certificate after failing on the first attempt

I failed my Terraform Associate Certification Exam on the first attempt, but passed it later by focusing on these things.

My month of September at Glance:

September was a great month as we all know about the #ServerlessSeptember event! Also, I was able to bag two certifications: AWS SysOps Administrator and Terraform Associate! You can check out my AWS SysOps Administrator exam experience below.

Also, my article on "How I Built a Resume API with JavaScript and Azure Functions" was featured on #ServerlessSeptember!

Terraform Associate Certification

I am a huge fan of CloudFormation. So being fascinated by the IaC (Infrastructure as Code) I wanted to dive into Terraform and learn the tool. Few things that impressed me about terraform:

  • IaC
  • Open Source
  • Cloud Agnostic

To start, I checked out the free 2 hours crash course by freeCodeCamp:

It helps you get started with Terraform and how you can deploy simple infrastructure in AWS, but nothing in-depth. It definitely made me more curious and wanted to learn terraform in-depth. As part of this learning journey, I thought of doing the Terraform Associate Certification. I decided to do a poll on twitter to see what #100DaysOfCloud Community thought!

So I decided to go for the certification and went with the WARP-9 course for the preparation. It's a 3-hour course and gets you started with Terraform and goes over all the main topics needed for the exam (modules, state files, remote backends, Terraform Cloud, etc.) After completing the course, I decided to take the exam, which didn't turn out to be a good decision, because I only started using and learning terraform 7 days ago. So after a week's preparation, I failed the exam just by 3%, I felt miserable.

After getting my detailed result, I realized what I lacked, and focused on the sections that I was weaker in. Also, the main thing I missed was, not going over the Hashicorp documentation. So for another week, I decided to go over the course again and read through the documentation. I decided to take my exam this Wednesday, 30th Sept, and always had a doubt in my head, if I am jumping too fast! (Since I failed it last Tuesday!) But I passed and scored 75%.

To conclude, I will list all the resources that I used to prepare for this exam!

I hope my experience helps you prepare well for the exam, you can reach out to me on Twitter if you have any questions or concerns in regards to Terraform.