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Cloud Certification Notes Next App - Hackathon

Cloud Certification Notes Next App - Hackathon

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Published on Feb 1, 2021

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Hello amazing people πŸ‘‹

Hope you all are doing great. For this blog, as the title suggests, it's my submission for the Hashnode Hackathon!

What I built? πŸ› 

As some of you may know about the notes for my cloud certification that I have made publicly available for the community via GitHub.

I was not expecting so many people using it.


And 68 stars on GitHub😲

So I decided as part of this Hackathon, let's make a Web app that will serve my cloud certification notes.


Choosing the Tech Stack πŸ’»

I recently started using Next and was really loving few features about it!

Last week I made a pokedex app using NextJS and served it as a Docker container. Check it out how I did it:

So I used a Next blog starter and hosted it on Vercel. For the cover images I am hosting them in AWS S3.

Building the App πŸ“‘

So after looking at the blog starter, I was pleased as it used markdown for the blog posts. I already had the notes in the markdown format, so it was easy to setup. Customizing was a bit hard, as I am new to Tailwind but have been keener to learn it. So this would help me learn it!

The next steps would be to make it PWA - Progressive Web App, to make it more accessible across multiple devices.

The Hackathon πŸ‘€

So I am not sure what category the app would fall in for the Hackathon, but I wanted to do something for the community. Looking forward to the fellow hackathon participants, and cool projects they come up with.

Good Luck everyone! πŸ’œ

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